77160_10150335144175156_5932640_nHello! Welcome to my blog Frugal Honey!

I’m Jill, a thirty-something government lawyer and mother to a car-loving, little boy.

Prior to Frugal Honey, I used to write for Kikay Exchange and Mom Exchange, where I chronicled my musings on beauty and parenting, respectively. It was thus inevitable that when my interest in personal finance began to blossom that a new blog would also be born. Once a blogger, always a blogger right?

I wrote about my reasons for creating this blog in my very first post, and while my husband and I have long said goodbye to our wedding-related debt, we still have a long way to go before reaching financial independence.

Whether you came here by accident or purposely sought out Frugal Honey, I sincerely wish that you enjoy your stay in my little home on the Interwebs.

For any questions, comments or anything else (except for spam of course, I hate those), do drop me a line at jillsabs@gmail.com