Frugal Honey, Jill’s current blog, was born after she and her husband found themselves in credit card debt. She said goodbye to her credit card debt by sticking to a money plan, and taking every opportunity to make and save money, such as packing her own lunch and taking up freelance writing gigs. The most important steps she took to rid herself of it being to snowball her payments – to take the credit card with the largest balance and pay 2-3 times the minimum amount, while paying the minimum on the others – and cutting up the two that she didn’t need. It was also during this time that she dove into the world of personal finance, changing her view on money and how to make it work for her. – See more at:


Getting Filipinos to start saving and investing their money for their future is a personal advocacy for us here in The Manila Survival Guide. It’s a little frustrating to see our kababayans, again and again, fall into the trap/cycle of needless spending and inevitable poverty simply because they’re not financially aware, let alone financially literate. To help us help you in our advocacy, we’re giving you five personal finance blogs you should definitely read to kickstart your journey towards financial independence. See more at:

brighter life

The journey towards a brighter financial life takes work, careful planning, and education.

Here at, we aim to provide you with an accessible portal of information that will not just guide you towards responsible money management, but will also inspire you to move towards the life you desire for yourself.
And so the Brighter Life team pooled together some personal finance blogs that offer worthwhile reads. We’re fans of these blogs, and we trust you will be too. Happy reading!

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To give you the lowdown on proper money management, talked to two financially-savvy women, Jill Sabitsana and Sha Nacino. Attorney Jill Sabitsana, owner of, works at the Senate and balances her full-time job with running a household. – See more at:


6. Realize: the best gifts aren’t always the expensive ones. Financial literacy blogger Jill Sabs has a sharp personal philosophy when it comes to gift-giving. “One thing that always guides me with Christmas shopping is knowing that there is no such thing as the perfect gift, so I don’t stress myself over getting that one shining present that will boost me to goddess status in the receiver’s eyes or mend whatever differences we have,” she said. – See more at: