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Psychology of Money

Unsolicited Advice to a Millennial had this article where Marie, a 26 y.o. in the publishing and advertising industry, tracked down her expenses for a week. While I wasn’t surprised with how the author spent her money, I was taken aback with the vitriol generated by her article.

The outpouring of criticism was most probably was spurred by her closing statement: “Through it all, I could say that I’m proud of myself for holding up. Managing your own household, feeding yourself, and prioritizing your needs while paying off debt is something that not all people my age could do, but I am doing it in a slow and steady fashion.”

In a nutshell, the comments were along the line of: Proud ka sa lagay na yan bes? Ang kapal naman nang mukha mo!


Fast Facts on Filipino Money Habits

I received this very interesting infographic on Filipino money and spending habits from Pawn Hero a few weeks ago. I took the bits that caught my interest but you can see the full infographic here. The sources are the World Bank, Master Intelligence and Nielsen and they are written in tiny print at the bottom of the infographic. As with anything you read on the internet, please take the facts presented with a grain of salt.


Thoughts on Earning a Living

I started working about a month after I took the bar. Give or take a few months, I have been earning a paycheck for about a decade and in those ten years, I have had my share of whining, company gossip and politics, tongue-lashing and a massive sense of entitlement. Looking back now, I really want to take my younger self aside for a serious talk and tell her (me) that contrary to what she believes, she isn’t actually entitled to anything and that she should quit whining and should just buckle down and work. Whether or not younger me will actually listen to future me is another thing altogether though.


Running and Personal Finance

I’ve always had a difficult relationship with running. On paper it would seem as if we’d get along well because I’m an introvert who shies away from team sports. I even participated in track and field competitions during highschool intramurals, and was a member of the track and field team for a few months. A friend who trains for triathlons even pushed me to take up running more seriously because she said I have a runner’s body. But despite all that, there was simply no spark between me and running.

However, something clicked in the past few months and instead of my usual once- a- month- if- I’m- feeling- up- to- it- run, I found myself going for weekly, then twice weekly runs, and before I knew it, I was actually running 3x a week and was even looking forward to it. Believe me, no one was more surprised at this than I was.


Why Throwing Money at a Problem Hardly Ever Works


A funny thing happened at work a few weeks ago during budget deliberation. After my boss made an impassioned plea about the government actually doing something to help the education sector, specifically higher education, instead of merely declaring it a priority with no concomitant action, a senator offered to increase the budget of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Not wanting to be outdone, another senator went further and proposed to provide free tuition fee for all students in state universities and colleges (SUCs).

And the CHED commissioner declined their offer.


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