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Change is Coming

Sorry if the title is misleading, but I’m actually not going to talk about the upcoming administration, rather, this will be a more personal and self-indulgent post on my most favorite topic, me.

So I’ve already written about my current boss’ end of term and how that will affect us (i.e. I will lose my job). Of course I have been preparing for it by sending out resumes, tapping my network and setting aside cash, but it’s so frustrating how the job search isn’t going as fast as I want it to. I have had several promising interviews, however, as it turns out, my top picks have ridiculously long application processes (between 4 months to 1 year). The only thing I can do now is wait and pray, things that I’m not really good at to begin with.


2016 1Q Net Worth Report + A Confession

I’m going to make quick work of last quarter’s net worth report by saying that nothing much changed because whatever gains I might have made by paying down my debt to my parents, were offset by the depreciation of my car. My investments also didn’t post any significant change, which in a way is comforting since it could be a sign that the downward spiral has finally stopped and, if the stock index is any indication, stock prices are inching their way up again. As my husband always says, I’m forever the optimist 🙂


Sayonara Kyoto!

I’ve been looking forward to our July trip to Osaka & Kyoto for months now. In fact, I’ve talked about Japan so much that my friends and family are probably sick of hearing about it. But lately I’ve been feeling uneasy over the trip because of the possibility that we may not be able to afford it after all because: (1) I might be moving jobs after June, which means 2-3 months of no income; and (2) I’ll be dipping into our emergency funds for our spending money during the 11 days we’ll be in Japan.


2015 4Q Net Worth Report

The last quarter of 2015 has been rough on my equity investments, while the next few months show no sign of easing up as well. Forget Pantone’s colors of the year, it looks as if screaming red is going to be this year’s hue. Despite the lackluster and pathetic performance of my stocks and mutual funds, my net worth still managed to post a 3% increase from the third quarter. I’m still way below my goal of a double digit increase though, so there’s a serious need to work it.


When She Brings Home the Bacon


Growing up, I used to hear anecdotes about my Lola, a public school teacher, giving my Lolo, a public prosecutor, a monthly allowance to spend on his tabako and haircut, while the rest of his salary went to her. She micromanaged their family’s budget to the peso, which is why all five of their daughters were able to finish college, with the two youngest daughters even going on to become doctors. My mother mused that she used to resent my Lola for her tightfisted ways, but as she grew older, she realized that if my Lola had not done what she did or if she had left the management of household finances to my Lolo, then they would have been mired in debt and would have had trouble finishing school.

In my own family, my mother outearned my father until I was in law school, and this was mostly because she went into semi-retirement from her medical practice.

Suffice to say that having a financially dominant female figure has always been the norm in my life and I didn’t think it odd that the mother provided the monetary support and/or handled the family’s finances. I only began to realize that this was an “aberration” when my schoolbooks talked about daddies going off to work while mommies stayed home and kept house.


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