Frugal Honey

My Financial Journey

Making It Official

This certificate, together with the membership card and a pack of calling cards, was delivered today. There you have it, I’m officially a Registered Financial Planner. Yay me!

Now what the hell am I going to do with this new credential?!

I ran a free financial coaching contest a few weeks back and since people have been asking, I already picked the winner. In fact, I have met with her and we have hatched a plan to put her financial house in order. I also get in touch with her frequently, guiding her through the plan and giving her the support and encouragement that she needs to overcome her financial woes.

Of all the jobs I’ve had, this is turning out to be the most satisfying I’ve had yet, since I am able to interact closely with another person and I get to witness the results of my effort. It’s just ironic that the job that gives me the most psychic satisfaction is also the one that I don’t earn a single peso from. It’s just as well that I do also enjoy my day job and it pays me well enough so that I can do this sort of thing from time to time for free.

Quick Updates

It’s killing me how little I’ve posted these past two months. From 5-6 posts in April to July, to only 2 posts in August and September, I’ve definitely not been the most conscientious of bloggers. Despite the lack of posts though, I have had a bunch of ideas for posts swirling inside my head, so before they totally disappear, let me write them down as a reminder of the topics I intend to tackle in the next few weeks:


The Privilege of Waiting for Death

Bro Harry

I visited a high school teacher at his retirement home in Dasmarinas, Cavite a few weeks back and I was dumbstruck when he casually told me that he was just waiting for God to call him. The conversation pretty much went like this:

Me: Brother Harry!

Brother Harry: Oh my! Hello! Hello you precious girl!

Me: How are you doing? 

Brother Harry: Doing fine considering everything and waiting for God to call me.


The Personal in My Personal Finance

The good news is I am finally on the payroll and will be receiving my salary on schedule. The bad news is my net pay is not enough for my household’s monthly expenses. When I tallied our expenses vis-a-vis my net pay, there was a Php900 deficit. And I hadn’t even included my lunch and commuting expenses in yet.

Here’s how our monthly expenses look like and the percentage they take up of my paycheck:


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