Frugal Honey

My Financial Journey

Looking Back

I remember when my sister was born, I was with my father when he paid the hospital bill. I remember looking up as my father looked into his wallet and realized that he didn’t have enough money to settle the bill and asked the cashier if she would take some dollar bills instead.
I felt so guilty that time because the day before that, he bought me a pair of rubber shoes for PE class and I thought that he ran out of money because of my new shoes. I thought that because he couldn’t pay the bill, my mom and new sister wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital.
I was six years old when I realized that money wasn’t something to take for granted or fritter away because my parents had to work for it.
It’s funny how such a simple incident shaped my entire mindset about money.

Much Ado About Moolah

I think about money a lot.

When we got married two years ago, my hubby and I found ourselves mired in wedding related debt. I mistakenly assumed that we could recoup our wedding expenses through our wedding gifts (“We prefer cash”) and so we started planning and charging a majority of expenses for our wedding, because we were not able to save up for it.

Needless to day, the first few days of our married life were chock-full of lessons and realizations. This was further compounded by the fact that I began working for the government a month after we got married, and would only start receiving my paycheck about a month and a half after I begun working.

Oh, and my husband was also diagnosed with diabetes so that was another blow.


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