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How to Get a Police Clearance from Paranaque City

*Update as of June 19, 2018: Bad news folks, PNP Paranaque City has a new service provider for the police clearance cards and certifications and it’s experiencing a very painful birthing process, so what only took 30 minutes from start to finish before, will take upwards of two hours now. I recently had to get a police clearance and it took me almost 3 hours to get cleared. Be prepared for a lot of lining up and waiting in a hot, muggy and jampacked area. Bring a fan, a bottle of water, something to amuse yourself with and a lots and lots of patience.

I’m hoping that the new service provider will be able to resolve all its issues ASAP and that the local government will be able to come up with workable system and provide on the ground assistance since confusion was rampant in the two days I went to the police clearance area with only one local government employee available for questions (the same guy who was issuing the order of payment and makeshift numbers).

Paging Mayor Olivarez! Your constituents are suffering! Please do something. I have seen how efficient the police clearance process used to be and have also been witness to how easy it was to have my driver’s license renewed in Paranaque City. The existing chaos at the police clearance center is a pox on your good record and should be dealt with ASAP.

Maybe you can deploy some of the municipal employees who oversee the number queueing machine at the treasury department to the police clearance area to herd the restless crowd. Last time I went the treasury department, there were three people sitting in front of the machine doing the same function. I’m sure one or two of them will be more than capable to provide on the ground assistance at the police clearance area.

But for anyone out there who needs to get a police clearance from Paranaque City, you have been warned so act accordingly. (end of update)


I recently had to apply for a police clearance from Paranaque and I took a leave from work just to get this done in anticipation of the long lines and the usual time consuming, patience reducing ordeal when it comes to applying for any government document. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that getting a police clearance was actually a painless and hassle-free experience! Good job to our Philippine National Police and the Paranaque city government for a very efficient and streamlined operation! Read up for the details.


Kasambahay Insurance

I don’t remember a time when we did not have a kasambahay.

Growing up in my grandparents’ house in Zamboanga, we always had kasambahays who helped my Lola cook and keep house. The kasambahays were usually distant relatives whom my grandparents were putting through school, or non-relatives who offered their services in exchange for the chance to go to school. I’m proud to say though that unlike Lola Pulido, my grandparents never treated any of their kasambahays as slaves since aside from schooling, the kasambahays also received salaries.

My aunts also took on this practice and would accept young girls as kasambahays precisely because they wanted to put them through school. I don’t remember my own parents doing this though, but that was mostly because our own kasambahays were already in their 30s or 40s when they would go to us.

I have my own kasambahay now who not only looks after my son, but also cooks and cleans for my small family. So yes, having a kasambahay has always been my norm. But that’s not to say that I’ve never felt unease over it.


The Empire Has Fallen!

In a perfect world, I will be just like the FQ mom who writes timely posts on events a day or two after they happen. But sadly, blogging is a hobby, not even a lucrative one at that, and it’s usually fourth or fifth in line on my list of priorities on a Saturday morning.

And that was my long-winded way of explaining why this post is several weeks late, but hopefully, it still proves itself to be relevant to some people.


Lifetime Assessment Series: Travel

I am ending this series with my biggest and recurring financial sin, travel.

Be it road trips, plane rides or even boat rides, my itchy feet don’t seem to care and would take every opportunity to take a mini or extended break.

Our most recent trip was a weekend jaunt to Angeles City to attend a friend’s birthday party. Instead of driving back and forth for a total of 7-8 hours, I decided to book us overnight in a hotel and play tourist the following day.


Lifestyle Assessment Series: Housing

We had barely spent a week at our then new condo unit but I was already plotting how I would resell it (using an assume balance payment plan), take out another Pag-ibig loan and buy a bigger house for our growing family. Checking out house and lot ads and calculating how much loan amount would I qualify for and how much of my salary I should allot for that, became a mini obsession for a while

I didn’t think twice about all this because this was my norm, what I grew up with. My parents renovated our bungalow twice and in the process, took out 3 different housing loans in a span of 10-15 years. I thought it was normal to fret over money all the time and to rush to the bank every month to fund checks, otherwise, the PDC would bounce and we would be in deep shite.

But when I began to immerse myself in the personal finance universe and my eyes were opened to the joy of being debt-free and even early retirement, I realized that I was perfectly free not to saddle myself with so much debt. That being debt-free was a viable way of living (imagine that!).


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