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Lifetime Assessment Series: Travel

I am ending this series with my biggest and recurring financial sin, travel.

Be it road trips, plane rides or even boat rides, my itchy feet don’t seem to care and would take every opportunity to take a mini or extended break.

Our most recent trip was a weekend jaunt to Angeles City to attend a friend’s birthday party. Instead of driving back and forth for a total of 7-8 hours, I decided to book us overnight in a hotel and play tourist the following day.


Lifestyle Assessment Series: Housing

We had barely spent a week at our then new condo unit but I was already plotting how I would resell it (using an assume balance payment plan), take out another Pag-ibig loan and buy a bigger house for our growing family. Checking out house and lot ads and calculating how much loan amount would I qualify for and how much of my salary I should allot for that, became a mini obsession for a while

I didn’t think twice about all this because this was my norm, what I grew up with. My parents renovated our bungalow twice and in the process, took out 3 different housing loans in a span of 10-15 years. I thought it was normal to fret over money all the time and to rush to the bank every month to fund checks, otherwise, the PDC would bounce and we would be in deep shite.

But when I began to immerse myself in the personal finance universe and my eyes were opened to the joy of being debt-free and even early retirement, I realized that I was perfectly free not to saddle myself with so much debt. That being debt-free was a viable way of living (imagine that!).


Lifestyle Assessment Series: Transportation

My parents gave me a car a few months after I became a lawyer and joined a law firm near our house. I guess they got tired of my sister and I squabbling over my mom’s car, which my mom also used, and they couldn’t fathom that their lawyer daughter would take a jeep or tricycle to work (they were snobby that way).

So they bought me a Hyundai Getz, which I named Toyang. However, my parents only paid for the downpayment and left me to settle the monthly payments. Those monthly payments amounted to more than half of my take home pay (I worked in a small law firm which wasn’t very generous to its associates) and I swore to drive that car to the ground because that’s how much I hated those monthly payments.

Toyang will be celebrating her 10th year later this year thanks to my husband’s religious maintenance, and it’s been 7 glorious years since I last made a car payment.

Without a car payment to deal with, this is how our monthly transportation expenses usually look like:


Hasta La Vista 2016!

So who else is excited to see 2016 leave the room?

It has really been such a trying year on all fronts.

The war in Syria and the mass of refugees has been heartbreaking and the Trump win, why America, why?!?! But why even go abroad when our own local news is already enough fodder for heartbreak and frustration.

On the personal front, my husband was hospitalized twice and my parents pushed forward with their grand project even if their funding source was iffy, leaving my bank account bleeding on both occasions.



It’s a Crazy Planets*


Allowing Ferdinand E. Marcos’ burial under the pretense of the President’s policy of promotion of national healing and forgiveness lowers the victims’ dignity and takes away from them their right to heal in their own time. Allowing the Marcos burial on the premise of national healing and forgiveness is a compulsion from the State for the victims and the Filipino People to forgive their transgressor without requiring anything to be done by the transgressor or his successors, and without even allowing the victims to be provided first the reparations granted to them by law. (Dissent of J. Leonen on Ocampo v. Enriquez )

Whoa. The last few weeks have been crazy! I was thankful that the week following the Supreme Court’s denial** of the petitions against the Marcos burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani and Trump’s election as US president was humdrum and low-key, giving us time to decompress after that week’s circus. But no. The craziness reared its ugly head again with the whirlwind burial of the one we lovingly call The Dictator.


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