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Momma Needs a Home Makeover!

 For the record, this is not a sponsored post, but I couldn’t help but write about RCBC’s ongoing “Making Your Life Better” campaign because one of the grand prizes* is a home makeover with Real Living’s Hannah Acab Faustino herself designing the makeover! Ack. Let me just die in sheer ecstasy right now.
I want. I want. I want.

The mechanics are really simple too because every single receipt purchase of Php1,500 or US$40 is equivalent to one raffle entry. More often than not, I really do charge our grocery and gas expenses to my credit card since it’s more convenient than carrying around cash. I reckon that I’ll be eligible for 5-6 raffle entries every month with our current spending history and maybe 1-2 more extra raffle entries from other expenses. That home makeover is definitely mine.
Promo period is from September 02 to December 31, 2013 and is open to pre-selected existing Principal and Supplementary cardholders of RCBC Bankard, whose accounts are active and in good credit standing. 
* The other grand prize is a Dubai vacation (whut?!) and the minor prizes are 20 designer watches 


My three month old son can now lift his head a little longer everyday and I joyfully lap up his every coo, marveling at how such a little person can bring so much happiness by just being, so watching the news these past two days has been nothing short of heartbreaking.

It seems as if we’ve had nothing but tragedy visit our country since the weekend rolled in, what with Typhoon Maring and the collision of two boats in Cebu. While being in the Philippines means weathering countless typhoons and, sadly, maritime disasters, this is the first time that I’m experiencing these as a parent. And as I watch mothers and fathers searching desperately for their children in their submerged houses or claiming a small wrapped body from a row of body bags, I hug my Ace a little tighter and say a prayer for those who can no longer do the same with their child.
But feeling lucky is not enough. This is the time to lend a hand and bring out your wallet to help those who were not as fortunate.

The Typhoon Maring victims need our help now. Please click on the link above the photo for the different ways on how you can send your donations to those who need it. Or in case you missed the link, here it is again.
Stay safe everyone! The rain hasn’t let up, so if you don’t really need to be at work, best to stay indoors.
* P.S. The Marshmallow Baby Online Store giveaway is still ongoing! Be sure to send in your entry to get a chance to win a Php1,000 GC.

Hooray for points!

rcbc rewards
Ok, so maybe the title is a little too effusive, but I really am glad that I was able to convert my RCBC credit card points into credit to be applied to my current billing statement. My 8,000 points amounted to Php2,000 lopped off my existing bill.
I’m sure I spent 10x of the credited cash to have accumulated that many points, but between a cash back plan or a rewards program with meh items (I’m looking at you Metrobank!), I’ll take the credit any day.


2013 Financial Goals

Two years ago, I read up all I could on personal finance and investing. Last year, I applied what I learned by dipping my big toe in investing in stocks and mutual funds. This year, with the baby coming and my planned maternity leave, I may have to tweak my investing routine, maybe slashing my monthly investment budget by 50% so as not to strain our savings. Still, I will continue investing because it has become as much a part of me as my grubby knees.

Here are my financial goals for the first half of the year, just in time for the baby’s arrival. Beyond that, I’m simply playing it by ear.


Smart Shopping

Fashion and the retail calendar are very predictable. With fashion, you can be sure that trends will be recycled with regularity, and with retail, you can bet your bottom dollar on two major events: the mid-season and post-holiday sales. Which means, it’s now time to shop!


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