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Bima Microinsurance

I’m a firm believer in insurance. While I don’t believe that everyone needs life insurance, I strongly hold that everyone should have critical illness insurance and personal insurance. What’s sad is that those who need personal insurance the most are those who tend to shy away from it because they don’t realize the importance of insurance, think that it’s too expensive or, worse, don’t know that such an animal exists. That’s why things like microinsurance really excites me because it provides a viable solution to a real problem.

I first wrote about microinsurance almost a year ago and I’m happy to report that I discovered another microinsurance company that also aims to service the marginalized and underserved sector by providing low-cost insurance coverage. Everyone, meet Bima.


The Chairman’s Message + Webinar on Stock Trading

I received this year’s COL Financial Chairman’s Message and it began with this panama quotation:

“If investing is entertaining, if you’re having fun, you’re

probably not making any money. Good investing is boring.”

–George Soros

I must be doing something right then because my stock portfolio is the most boring thing on the planet right now. And that’s because I haven’t touched my portfolio in more than a year. Sadly, my stock investing has been downgraded in my financial priorities. Debt payment has taken the first spot and insurance premiums and the office cooperative have become my primary investments. But don’t you worry my dear stock portfolio, you’ll have my undivided attention soon enough.

 Alright, enough chatter, here’s the chairman!


Kasagana Ka Development Center, Inc.


Today I’m turning over the spotlight to Kasagana Ka Development Center, a social development nongovernment organization that services urban poor communities.

I first learned about Kasagana Ka last March when I was invited to give a talk on personal finance for the Women’s Month program of a government agency, and the other speaker, Ms. Evangeline Pe, was from Kasagana Ka. I remember thinking that she was God-sent because I had been looking for a personal finance speaker for my then-office’s own Women’s Month event in Taguig and I knew that if I didn’t find a speaker, I would have to do it myself (Gulp!).

But my prayers were answered because there was Ms. Eva right in front of me, brimming with down-to-earth wisdom on personal finance and anecdotes on her experiences with working with the urban poor. And she said yes to my proposal/begging because she said that Kasagana Ka had really been looking into infiltrating the Taguig market. It was a win-win situation! Woohoo!


ICON 2016

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, then you already know how much premium I place on financial education. So much so that I shelled out good money to take a certification course even if it had no direct correlation to my present career (It’s the learning, stupid!). But I had fun and it fed my personal finance geek side, so I therefore conclude that it was money well spent.

However, if you are similarly interested in expanding your knowledge on personal finance, investments, entrepreneurship and all things money related, there’s no need to spend a pretty penny because there are other ways to get your geek on, such as attending one day seminars like Randell Tiongson’s ICON 2016.


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