Frugal Honey

Budgeting & Saving

The Goal

Sale season is upon us, but I haven’t burned my credit card in Zara and Mango as I normally would for the simple reason that we have a goal.

The goal is to move to a bigger house in 2-3 years time. For G that house should have a garage where he can tinker with his automotive project du jour. And for me, that house should have lots of natural light (for product shots) and cross ventilation.


To inverter or not to inverter.

One of my mom’s friends is thinking of buying the condo unit next to ours, so she dropped by our place to see how a dressed up unit would look. We started talking about the pros and cons of living in a condo unit, and eventually got to the topic of airconditioning and she was shocked at our electricity bill. She said that in her old clinic, they would have the AC on from 2pm to 9pm everyday and their usual electric bill amounted to less than Php1,500/mo.


Bank on This

When it comes to opening a savings/ checking account, I only have 1 rule: I will go with the bank that won’t make me line up.

Ok, so maybe that’s oversimplification to the highest degree. Of course, it’s also important to a choose a stable bank that will not go on a  bank holiday any time soon. But really, I want a bank that will not subject me to that arduous task of falling in line.


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