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Quick Thoughts on Fudget

I once tracked my income and spending through a very old-school pen and paper method. I liked the whole exercise of jotting down every single one of my expenses because it made me accountable for my spending and my OC self liked seeing my expenses on a daily basis (it was sort of like a diary but without the teenage angst). But what I didn’t like was tallying all those items up at the end of the month. It was just too much of a hassle to go over each and every line and then tally them per category.

I became to dread the monthly tallies so much that I once went for 5 months without summarizing my monthly expenses. Sure, I continued to jot down my daily expenses but all of that raw data was useless without a summary. Eventually, I gave it all up, reasoning to myself that I pretty much knew our budget so there was really no need to go on a cellular level.

However, ever since my husband began tallying his own income and expenses using Google spreadsheets, I began to miss the nerdiness of listing down expenses vis-a-vis income. I knew I enjoyed taking note of my spending but I just did not like the end of the month round-ups.

So feeling like a millennial, I searched for an app that would satisfy my needs. I wanted an app that was just a step or two up from the basic pen and per method, but would generate monthly reports. No bells and whistles please, my tita brain refuses to process anything more than what I know I need.


Living with a Deficit

It was fairly obvious that we had a deficit in our monthly budget (Hello! I kept on selling stocks and taking out credit card loans on a regular basis just to keep up with the bills), but I wasn’t really sure exactly how much that deficit was. To be perfectly honest though, I think I was mostly just scared to know how much in the red we were every month.

But I sucked it up and crunched the numbers, and, like what usually happens when you face your fears, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Our deficit was Php14,500.


Saving on Christmas Gifts

Christmas doesn’t faze me one bit. Nosirreee.

This is primarily because I don’t subscribe to the notion of giving the perfect gift to everyone you know. It’s just unnecessary stress to add to an already stressful season. It also helps that I grew up with parents who didn’t wax poetic about Christmas being the most magical time of the year.


How to Transfer Funds to Other Banks Using the Landbank Mobile Banking App

I would have done this review of Landbank’s Mobile Banking app earlier except that my smartphone ran out of internal memory and the external memory I added was useless, so I couldn’t download the app. I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to make do with Landbank iAccess using my desktop and really, it wasn’t such a bad deal because iAccess addressed most of my banking needs, except for the interbank fund transfer.

But just recently, an officemate downloaded the Landbank mobile app and I was ecstatic to discover that interbank fund transfer was possible using the app! And so I reassessed the existing apps on my phones and deleted the ones I didn’t use (I’m talking about you Grab…) and also deleted photos and other nonsense that my phone would automatically save. To make a long story short, I now use the Landbank Mobile Banking app and it has made my banking chores so much easier.


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